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  1. i like to think i am good at doing things that people dont have the time to do (write long winded essays on forums hihi)
  2. is more coming do you think? gaga should serve hermion granger tease and go back in time with a time turner to do more mvs and have a new single
  3. visuals = some of her best - SL MV could've been better with outfits but still solid and loved the concept - rom and 911 flawless Album = such a fun album that i think is better listened to over speakers - I do think it could've been a lot more smoother and less noisy in places as well as sounding fresher - i think they could've released a better lead single that had a more clubby production vs. a more 80s one. critically it is one of her best, commercially will end up he rbest performing since BTW... With some tweaks and of course promo it really couls've been so much better in both aspe
  4. Gaga X Dua Gaga x Adele Gaga x Drake Gaga x Bad Bunny anything to bring in big streams
  5. absolutely nothing probably. The Nick Knight thing is most probably for a commercial deal lol
  6. Lol can we stop believing random anonymous insiders so we dont blame gaga when it doesn't happen
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