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  1. Thank you for this. I have the dvd and I love it
  2. I needed this!! Thank you so much for sharing
  3. YES! She looks so good omg!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I loved the video! great work!!!
  5. Sex Dreams it’s just fire! Summerboy it’s a cute song The message of angel down is very poetic Red flame is a banger! Azealia did that
  6. Yes I do! Omg I remember listening to this all day for one week in High school. I used to think it was real But I barely understand gaga’s voice in this track
  7. Yes the cds 🥰 my boyfriend was so kind and I couldn’t be more happy
  8. Yes! The whole photoshoot is gorgeous and very fun
  9. OMG. Similar to me! A classmate played Poker Face to me back in 2009. And I was SHOOK!! And the rest is history
  10. ola meus amores como você vai? Tudo bem?
  11. OMG. TIME AND PLACE i want gaga to collaborate with RINA SAWAYAMA
  12. I got the singles boxset for my birthday back in the day. It’s so rare nowadays.
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