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  1. I wish I could’ve voted :/ but very good ranking
  2. it’s great to see she’s still wearing a mask
  3. Favorite tracks: G.U.Y., Applause, Sexxx Dreams i usually skip Do what u want when I listen to the CD or the old digital version I have my favorite moment is the itunes festival
  4. she looks very comfy and chic. is she taking a day off?
  5. Chuu is so cute 😭❤️ Love her sm!
  6. Why did you put free woman to the playlist?
  7. It’s sad how your friend started to talk about other things instead of fixing your problems. I hope you’re doing well after this situation and I’m glad you decided to stay away from her you don’t deserve a friend like that
  8. Beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing ❤️
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