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  1. Hey guys, girls and non-binary people. I know this is controversial. But what was your least favorite lady Gaga moment? I think Mother Monster is a genius talented and an empathic person. Also a true LGBTQ+ icon. She never bores me and always does the unexpected. So what could be my least favorite moment? It’s the live performance of SWINE where she gets vomited on. Like Demi Lovato said, I don’t think showing people putting their fingers in their mouth is good for people with eating disorders. And may be harmful. End Rant. All love here ❤️
  2. I always longed a Lady Gaga X Rihanna song. I wanted it really bad. An R&B song.
  3. Yeah and it was all over YouTube being played a gay bars 🏳️‍🌈
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