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  1. On 6/16/2021 at 9:17 AM, Erosadams said:

    Cherish the moments you had without regrets. I went to the artrave with people I haven’t seen in years, but sometimes I hear from them… I’m just happy that in that moment I was happy, you know what I mean?

    YES of  course but one was my ex boyfriend 🤣

  2. 13 hours ago, Giulia Monster said:

    I bet!! I was almost in the middle, but closer to the piano. But it was a lot of fun even if I wasn’t that close to the main stage and other parts of the stage...😍

    Yeah best bit was definitely staffing at the Venus Bridge, but I had to move near mid show, I fainted with excitement hadn't eaten or drank all day, kind of threw up water over the railings by her stage ... and she said all you dirty Mother****** being sick on my stage, but I still love you... what a way for Gaga to notice you haha 😄

    51 minutes ago, cruelenigma said:

    well I only watched the Paris footage on YouTube but my favorite part was when she read the fan letter and welcomed them on stage, it was such a heartwarming moment. also the Judas to Aura transition, the Venus performance and the Gypsy performance ❤️

    I missed judas and MJH

    5 hours ago, Twitter said:

    I remember and attended. 
    May 2014 - NYC show

    It was an amazing Tour 👏

    8 hours ago, Antoniononon said:

    Not only do I remember it but I keep it in my memory as one of the best moments of my life. In fact I have forgotten parts that I can't remember because I lived it with too much happiness and intensity lol! I went with a shirt from the cover of artpop that a friend who I have a lot of affection gave me. My favorite part was also when Gaga showed up, I just exploded with happiness. ❤️

    Yeah I did too she emerged with ARTPOP playing I was crying 🥲

    10 hours ago, Erosadams said:

    How can you not remember artRAVE? O.o

    I know right, just wish I could relive this again but with better people 😕

    18 hours ago, godofchromatica said:

    This livestream is need to be release as dvd

    You can still buy it from places

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  3. 7 hours ago, Giulia Monster said:

    Of course we remember!! That was my first Gaga concert in the standing pit, and I could never forget it, it was the first time I was that close to Gaga.

    I don’t remember how I was dressed, probably nothing in particular lol.  

    I was standing quite close to the piano, so my favorite memory is probably the moment before Gypsy, while she was at the piano, and everyone started singing “you are beautiful” in Italian and she aswered back in Italian 😭😭

    Oh wow such a lovely memory I see, I saw her in Birmingham, was stood by the Venus Bridge which was a great view

  4. 22 minutes ago, Lola Carranza said:

    OMG HAHAHAHAHA, that was the best experience ever! We're screamed when we saw our country flag on stage.

    Wow I bet you did its just amazing how many memories we have of gaga and the tours she has done I have only been to 2 myself but I have been a Stan since 2008

    36 minutes ago, Tony said:

    You were so luck to see her in Montreal and Ottawa! :floor:

    Omg when she sat on the monster claw and it elevated into the air that was so iconic I loved it every minute

    24 minutes ago, Lola Carranza said:

    OMG HAHAHAHAHA, that was the best experience ever! We're screamed when we saw our country flag on stage.

    Good Times it seems whats fun without getting into a little trouble for gaga haha

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  5. 1 hour ago, Matt said:


    The RSD Chromatica Vinyl Giveaway starts NOW!

    This giveaway will have a few different rules from the regular giveaway we did so far. Since this is a very rare piece, I feel it would be fair to give everyone a chance to win, even those fans who don't have a lot of time to spend on our forum.

    Therefore the vinyl will be won by a RANDOM user, who will place themselves in the top 10 of the most active users on the forum by July 3rd. To keep track of your position on the chart, you can use our iOS LGN mobile app.

    The other rules, listed on page 1, will remain the same.

    Yes this great giveaway good luck everyone 👍got everything crossed for you those who don't have 1 that is lol

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  6. Who remembers the artRave Tour? And what did you all dress like, I remember I so well if only it was with better people but hey ho that's life unfortunatley .... what was your favourite part of the show?


    Mine was when she emerged on the stage and ARTPOP Started I cried with tears of happiness :tricon:

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  7. Yes I got mine, we drive all the way from Lichfield to Nottingham took the wrong turning ended up getting there 7.30am the queue was huge like a square shape round 3 streets lol and we were 174 and 175 in the queue, it took 3 hours but we got it and it was worth it... the only thing I'd reccomend make sure you go to the toilet before entering the queue I was holding mine for ages lol but it was worth it.... Thank you Lady Gaga for this Beautiful Mesmarising Tri-Fold truly beautiful ♥️


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  8. Omg is this Birmingham UK I was there 

    59 minutes ago, hiimer0s said:


    artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour (Live in Birmingham) {SOUNDBOARD HQ}


    RELEASED: 2014

    FORMAT: .MP3


    KEY (Comment to Unlock): 

    Hidden Content

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    Intro | ARTPOP | G.U.Y. | Donatella | Venus

    MANiCURE | Just Dance | Poker Face | Telephone

    PARTYNAUSEOUS | Do What U Want | Dope | Yoü And I

    Born This Way (Acoustic) | Jewels n' Drugs | The Edge Of Glory | Judas

    Aura | Sexxx Dreams | Mary Jane Holland | Alejandro

    Bang Bang | Ratchet | Bad Romance | Applause

    Swine | Gypsy 

    Omg I was there if this is Birmingham uk

  9. 3 hours ago, jolincakes said:

    OMGG I REMEMBER....my whole tl was FREAKING OUT that day....some of them was hating and others was loving it (like me i LOVEEE this outfit) 

    and when the song itself leaked.....i listened to it the whole day while playong games 😂

    I was feeling the same and I was.liek she's coming I listened to it on repeat for days maybe weeks

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