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  1. Yes I know crazy and the best thing about it our photos on little monsters.com were picked amongst others of favourites from the tour in Birmingham
  2. YES of course but one was my ex boyfriend 🤣
  3. Yeah best bit was definitely staffing at the Venus Bridge, but I had to move near mid show, I fainted with excitement hadn't eaten or drank all day, kind of threw up water over the railings by her stage ... and she said all you dirty Mother****** being sick on my stage, but I still love you... what a way for Gaga to notice you haha 😄 I missed judas and MJH It was an amazing Tour 👏 Yeah I did too she emerged with ARTPOP playing I was crying 🥲 I know right, just wish I could relive this again but with better people 😕 You can still buy it from places
  4. Your welcome bestie..... I've got the black one coming soon too
  5. Awww hope you win this, you deserve it bestie
  6. Oh wow such a lovely memory I see, I saw her in Birmingham, was stood by the Venus Bridge which was a great view
  7. I sure am indeed, one of the originals haha nice to meet another one I am a little monster one of thr ORIGINALS hehe
  8. Wow I bet you did its just amazing how many memories we have of gaga and the tours she has done I have only been to 2 myself but I have been a Stan since 2008 Omg when she sat on the monster claw and it elevated into the air that was so iconic I loved it every minute Good Times it seems whats fun without getting into a little trouble for gaga haha
  9. Yes this great giveaway good luck everyone 👍got everything crossed for you those who don't have 1 that is lol
  10. Who remembers the artRave Tour? And what did you all dress like, I remember I so well if only it was with better people but hey ho that's life unfortunatley .... what was your favourite part of the show? Mine was when she emerged on the stage and ARTPOP Started I cried with tears of happiness
  11. I've got mine too and I've got the black one coming soon as its released 25th June Love this GIF it makes me happy
  12. Please tell me this is not coincidence that lady gaga has met with the CEO of disney and these pics are from 2018 when the rumour 1st started? @ladygaga #Disney #TheLittleMermaid #Liveactionremake #Ursula
  13. Yes I got mine, we drive all the way from Lichfield to Nottingham took the wrong turning ended up getting there 7.30am the queue was huge like a square shape round 3 streets lol and we were 174 and 175 in the queue, it took 3 hours but we got it and it was worth it... the only thing I'd reccomend make sure you go to the toilet before entering the queue I was holding mine for ages lol but it was worth it.... Thank you Lady Gaga for this Beautiful Mesmarising Tri-Fold truly beautiful ♥️⚔
  14. Omg is this Birmingham UK I was there Omg I was there if this is Birmingham uk
  15. Omg I thought it was the video not audio lol I've never had this one
  16. Who is looking forward to Kylie X Gaga Of course I remember gaga saying this
  17. I was feeling the same and I was.liek she's coming I listened to it on repeat for days maybe weeks
  18. Yes and gaga wouldn't sing it at enigma even though we knew because it wasn't ready
  19. I've created a topic and hastagged GAGASTACKFIGURES love it
  20. Does everyone remember this 1st image from stupid love music video and a lot of people said it was fake lol but it wasn't #GAGASTACKFIGURES
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