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  1. Good luck everyone! I won’t be entering as I already own all these things and wish to give other fans a chance, hopefully it goes to someone who doesn’t yet have these items!
  2. I received my Japanese Chromatica box set on Monday with no customs charges and it was packaged in the nicest way as well 👀
  3. Was talking to him yesterday about this, it’s one of his best yet! ✨
  4. $300? Wtf... 💀 What price where you hoping around? Or what’s your maximum? I can also keep a lookout for you. :) The iconii edition is only 500 copies worldwide and its numbered.... trust me it will be a very rare one and it will be very expensive in the future lol This is the GagaMania collection, used to be very active online and with my website, but life got in the way... rebuilding the website now though!
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