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  1. Many comments here praising criticisms that the artist did not ask for and, as she said, IT IS HER STYLE, but few talking about what really matters: her work. You don't have to be someone's friend to have common sense and defend them when necessary. This is compassion! Don't waste your time filling the girl's responses with unconstructive criticism. I saw all your work on instagram and you are wonderful. Keep it up, and don't change your artistic form to please others. I will follow you!
  2. As someone who knows the art world and its particularities, I know the comment is arrogant and not relevant at all. I have no doubt that your intention here is to help the girl, right? I believe you are all renowned critics in the art world. Please... Brave to be embarrassed.
  3. Oh how cute, it was so delicate. I loved!
  4. You have to be brave or very ignorant to criticize other people's art.
  5. I hope it's better already, bae. I hope it's better already, bae.
  6. I think he/she is a little confused.
  7. I still haven't learned how to post photos on social networks due to insecurity.
  8. How optimistic. If I'm on 4 it's a lot.
  9. I felt on tinder reading. lol
  10. I usually don't spend a lot of time on social media, I get stressed a lot.
  11. Thankfully, I have good friends.
  12. Seriously? and you can't report it? Where is the surveillance?
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