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  1. everyone collapsing on the audience
  2. oh right... yeah, it has a concept lol but I think the sentece is very cute itself for a tattoo
  3. what's the meaning behind it? I always sing but never actually got the curiosity to know about it
  4. she needs support. I'm so sad that she doesn't get so many likes as she deserves
  5. she could play sfa on piano ugh it would be A DREAM
  6. and that's it? any news yet?
  7. same. I don't have much money to buy the products so the only way I can experience something with Haus labs is watching videos lol and the way the shadows blended really surprised me (maybe it's because I only have low quality makeup ................. anyways)
  8. she's an icon, and even if we'll never see her working for Gaga again, I really enjoy watching her videos, it's almost like an asmr tutorial. Please support her
  9. I was hoping she was #1 or #2 but fuck1ng NINE? these people are tasteless
  10. pleaseee? I'm so invested LOL
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