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  1. Thank you for the recomendation ( i love carol btw)
  2. same!!! she's so inspiring and the way she's so open to listen to Dr. King just warms my heart
  3. right now I'm listened to Aurora and Florence A LOT, and some french singers since I'm learning the language and I'm in love with them
  4. Imagine everyone bullying him at school bc of it... but eerhmmmm his parents are rich so I hope he'll never suffer any of this
  5. it's my comfort tv show/cartoon actually. I love watching it before going to sleep bc it reminds me of my childhood
  6. I'm gonna be very classic here and goes with bad romance, a wavy blonde wig, white robe and blood just like the countess
  7. ME TO HAHAHAHAHAHAH nowadays I dislike him and his attitudes a lot But I listened to a lot of beyonce and brazilian singers back then too
  8. I used to collect lost keys I found on the streets
  9. IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wait.... that's a good point actually
  10. I just discovered him by this featuring and OMG HE HAS SO MANY BOPS
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