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  1. All tours after her in the year had been quite bad in comparison to her. She set the bar to another whole new level. Nobody will ever be as good as she was
  2. It’s crazy how she was hated on most of her career and I’m happy that she’s getting more love
  3. The people that complained about this should get covid tests done, because one of the major symptoms is no taste ☠
  4. Gaga fan or not.... you can’t deny this was one of the best residency show ever. Her talent is absurd
  5. I turned into a fucking monster after this show. It was whole art.
  6. So sad to hear this. We always got you. Don't be sad no more.
  7. Will she though? I really doubted that. RCA does not promote artists that well.
  8. the girls always serves Coachella. Bey, Gaga and Blackpink?
  9. It's not. If you think it's beautiful you need a sight check.
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