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  1. If you hate Azealia Banks, you're not a qualified gay. Sorry.
  2. It's an achievement to the humankind we deserve. I will miss Twitch tho. He's hot.
  3. Thought she would cut the mic of Ariana lol
  4. Ofc. I have vinyl of her hanging in my room. They totally know who she is.
  5. This Ed song is like most of his songs. Bad.
  6. They should have nominated her sooner. Season 1 Blanca is so good.
  7. Normani is art, Normani is life, Normani is the whole universe, Normani will get #1
  8. You said the truth. Gaga's album sold like hot cakes. 1M in 1st week cant you believe it?
  9. I love these videos for Chromatica. It takes so much creativity to make all of these.
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