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  1. Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Lol. Me too. She knew what she was doing (making people gay) really.
  3. Tipsy

    SXSW Festival

    She's one of the most skillful vocalists of our generation
  4. I don’t want the series end tho. I need at least 2 more seasons to satisfy my hunger.
  5. she will be a reference for other black artists in the future. Go Normani!
  6. Get creative Camila. Please, just once. Aren't you tired of copying yet?
  7. The clean version of this is gonna be funny af
  8. what a comeback! I still remember when Shakira released Whenever wherever in Australia 2001, fan ever since :)
  9. Really? Any source about that 1M Digital copies? How can a broke hoe like me did not know about this?
  10. Judas must win! I can proudly say that "This song saved my life and made me come out of depression" Thank you Lady Gaga and Big Freedia.
  11. I hate when companies are lazy like this. Like can't they put out a whole new song for a different market?
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