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  1. we started talking on twitter because she was tweeting about Jo Calderone, if I remember well... we became friends and then we're together since 2011
  2. It's a process, you know? We are used to a single pattern and anything different makes us feel bad. But Gaga helped me a lot in this process and I hope she helps you too.
  3. I already had a lot of problems with my appearance, today not so much. Filters don't help our self-esteem at all.
  4. Social networks are terrifying. I prefer to stay as far away as possible.
  5. At least one good thing has happened in my life. I date a little monster.
  6. I'm afraid of the people you call friend.
  7. I have generalized anxiety and these days i am in the middle of a crisis... so...
  8. Soy de mexico y espero.
  9. Ese es un punto relevante. para que sea más fácil hacer shows en los grandes polos.
  10. Spanish, English and a little French
  11. I will send myself to her as a gift.
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