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  1. The concept matched a lot. I loved it.
  2. I have to agree. I know it's just a story, but Ariel leaving an amazing kingdom because of male... a little incoherent lol
  3. I'm wondering the same, why is it taking so long?
  4. The topic title reminded me of how horrible my Gaga drawings used to be. My drawings of today are like the old ones. By the way, your drawings are great.
  5. Oh me too. The concern is even greater because it only appears any sign of the flu that I get scared, and it's usually just a cold.
  6. She has a lot of followers, that won't be much missed.
  7. My top 3: 1. Marry The Night 2. The Edge of Glory 3. Judas
  8. It seems like yesterday the rush of pre-sales to get the album with the metallic cover. Who got it?
  9. Gaga never lets me down. As a black woman, I can say she was impeccable throughout the entire speech. The world would be different if white people had her vision.
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