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  1. not actually. but I'm an aries too, so I know what I'm talking about
  2. omg sis me too! I just can't wait
  3. the cover is so beautiful I'd buy just because of that lmao but I don't listen to her music so
  4. oh I wanted to buy harry potter books once but yeah, that sh.t going on around JK just made me mad enough to not buy anything with her name on it right now, I just collect mangas and coins
  5. love it. you post in on instagram? I'd love to follow u
  6. um... maybe it could be that gaga tattoo she made????? maybe she just change the name of the album to chromatica later
  7. it's so good to know about this, specially that haus labs is turning 2 years old this week
  8. the vinyl looks so beautiful. I wish it was cheaper
  9. what's omaze? oh, sorry. I didn't read this comment lol um... I don't know but I'll try to search it up and find out
  10. oh the fact that she's an aries and keeps delaying projects or giving up on them it's so real
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