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  1. Not really, just Twitter being weird with big data
  2. Oh she'll make our hearts buljangnan
  3. I don't think they have release the winner for the jackets yet
  4. There's an app? Why am I wasting time going on browser
  5. I have listened to this before but came across this again and feel like I have to say... Gaga has such a big heart. Listened to her talking, you can see her humble, her compassion for people of colors. The world would be so much better with more people like the queen <3
  6. Would love to have one as well!
  7. I guess I'm really late to the party, but the first album that I actually listened to was Chromatica. Such masterpiece. Before that I kind of checked out her MVs but not the whole album.
  8. This was really thoughtful of you guys. Thank you so much!
  9. They will be quiet and cover it all up I guess. When too many people expose them they'll just say they found "inspiration" from these.
  10. ooh I would say you should put this on Instagram too!
  11. Maybe happiness is being content, and most of the time I feel fine with my life, so... I'm happy? I think I'm 7.5 or 8, postitively
  12. Ugh I remembered that show so much 🥺 The movies were nothing to the series
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