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  1. but I love to dance to all of them too lol
  2. I love when Gaga works with Nicola, the result is always perfect.
  3. Chromatica is full of strong and painful letters, it's hard to choose just one.
  4. I have low immunity and this period made me very scared. I only leave the house when it's really necessary.
  5. How beautiful, my heart is warm now.
  6. You draw so well. I can't make a straight line without shaking.
  7. I think I'm an alien because I don't like big social media very much, luckily it protects my mental health.
  8. J balvin would be too much? it would be insane.
  9. I have all the albums, all the dvd's and some magazines.
  10. I have so many expectations for this tour that I wait as long as it takes.
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