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  1. She didn't bring the tour to latin america but I get shivers every time I watch the opening of the shows. That suit with the jeff koons ball and the wings UGH PERFECTION
  2. I love this. Thank u for sharing, and I agree with everything
  3. omg I didn't know we were this close from the release. WE WON
  4. sour candy would be awesome... and I love your profile picture <3
  5. they're so cute right? I wish I had one of it I don't even have one
  6. I have to say Born this Way. This album brings so much joy to me every time I listen to it I don't have words to describe. I love every single song and it's just special how I start stanning Gaga bc of it. I already knew her at the time, but I usually listened more to Katy songs heheh
  7. I hope she comes to Argentina again. We all miss her
  8. a queen who stands up for the blm . I stan
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