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  1. Years & Years deserves his recognition. Please make him in top 3 people.
  2. There are leaks online. But I decided to not watch them. I prefer support the films by watching them on legal platforms.
  3. Where do you buy this? I need to make one for my ARTPOP act.2.
  4. Ed should never stop releasing music. I need something to scare the crows living outside my windows.
  5. Support AURORA yall. She's good. The music is pretty upbeat this time.
  6. Poor Rihanna.And poor your local CD store owner.
  7. the same? what do you mean? They have different challenges every week.
  8. I shitted my pants. you should have put it as "spoiler"
  9. The link is here. DJWS made this beat. SICKKK
  10. The rating of each year shows. When Gaga does not appear, the show flops hard. It's a fact supported by numbers.
  11. Self-care is how you take your power back. -Unknown
  12. We love how France's president is hot and caring at the same time.
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