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  1. LOLLL. Wonder who will she kick their ass?
  2. I love this version more <3 The glitch font is so beautiful.
  3. I love ARTrave the most in her tours. The outfits for this show is so colorful and well designed. The music is also great. Even the interlude/intro/outro. PARTYNAUSEOUS will always be my favorite. DJWS really did his thing!
  4. The scene of Gaga standing on a conveyor holding a vase like a goddess in the purple lights with full of sparkle >>>>>
  5. Definitely voting. You guys/girls/nonbinaries on this forum are so talented!!!!
  6. WIG! Submit this to the contest before it's too late baeeee
  7. Rejoice and love yourself today ' Cause baby, you were born this way The only miss GAGA
  8. But Gaga still hasn't acknowledged this remix album. It may turn into a scrap.
  9. just search for 'clear cd case' on Google and find the nearest store.
  10. The hole of Alice video is like the hole that Alice in wonderland falls in (if the wonderland was Chromatica)
  11. As an Apple Music user, I am jealous! The motion cover of Apple Music is ok, but different videos for every track? Like WOW...
  12. She's talking about wine like she's talking about art. I watch it on the website but could not download it.
  13. Right choice. I think Netflix's gonna upload it soon. We only have to wait for a month or two. Maybe after the Emmys?
  14. INDEED! I don't see why she/he/they/ze 's saying it's the same every week. I mean the challenge may be bad, but there are a lot of em.
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