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  1. Yes. Remember the moon spirit? This haunted me for years in my childhood.
  2. The cover art really surpirsed me!
  3. Take a shot when Gaga support the LGBT+ community.
  4. This era is tacky, colorful, campy. This show proves.
  5. Wow. I know this for the first time. It makes me appreciate the song more.
  6. You have been missing out on a lot darling! That statement is "h*m*p**b**" in various ways!
  7. I love MJ's character. It's just like myself in real life. I really love to take care of people and I also wanted to be a nurse like Blanca.
  8. It arguably flopped. I mean as a member of the worldwide famous girlgroup, she deserves more.
  9. The taste is BEYOND this world.
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