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  1. I'm Sam. She's pretty and witty.
  2. The merch is better than the official. Gawd I lived-
  3. Your post with keny blew up on instagram. It was so littttt
  4. It looks good. Maybe you can use different fonts.
  5. Damn. The artwork is so god damn beautiful. You're so talented. Keep it up!!!!
  6. Yes. A green vinyl. We need it if the remix album happens. Can't wait until we finally hear it.
  7. I should print these out as stickers for my daily notes to remind me of Chromatica Thank you!
  8. “The only journey is the journey within.”
  9. Right. Like Bussy said anyone else could be in the bottom. That Fergie impersonation by Ginger was not good either.
  10. The Handmaiden (2009) - lesbian romantic masterpiece!
  11. It looks like it's for Fenty Skin.
  12. Got the shot. Not that horrible after all.
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