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  1. Who did you take among those 3? I'm Alex! Real definition of messy
  2. Thank god Bobby gave the gay bible what it deserves!
  3. Yes it is. As long as you do not sell the print. Hanging it in your room only should be fine!
  4. "art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" — Banksy
  5. a sudden, severe loss of taste and smell is a Covid symptom. Go get a check.
  6. Submitted. Hope you won't exclude my vote because of my confusing username lol. It was autogenerated from my Google signing-in.
  7. The visuals of these artists are no joke! Especially Dorian's and Arca's This video by Arca is so "Rain On Me"
  8. It's amazing that she still shows her love for Gaga. She's so kind and humble. We love a queen
  9. The roll out of this album is everything. Remember the life-size Jeff Koons' sculpture of Lady Gaga at the press?
  10. “You’re like a grey sky. You’re beautiful, even though you don’t want to be.”
  11. to selling foundations and lingeries
  12. This week episode is not good. BussyQueen made a video about the unfairness of the episode. The producers got Akeria so dirty!
  13. In a list full of BT*, we have Free Woman, no promotion, and it's not even a single.
  14. Paparazzi are very traumatic for celebrities. The way she turned away right when she saw their camera. I feel disgusted!
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