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  1. ahhhh yes, I just imagined Gaga doing this on the shoot of the chromatica cover. It would be so cool
  2. sometimes when I'm alone my little brain just goes like RAH RAH unafraid to reference or not reference put it in a blender shit on it vomit on it eat it give birth to it
  3. I am very happy to know that in the midst of his illness, Tony made this project happen.
  4. So cool to see little monsters from so many parts of the world.
  5. I can't imagine gaga touring Latin America anymore. Maybe in Brazil.
  6. Today my boss didn't piss me off, so I'm ok.
  7. I would love if this was the album cover.
  8. Portuguese, but I pretend I speak English too.
  9. It feels like yesterday that I was putting up posters all over town with the album's release date.
  10. I'm gonna print it and put it on my wall 👀 PLEEEASE
  11. omg thanks! I love collecting this kind of stuff on my pc 😂😂
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