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  1. Love Applause so much💖 When it was released it really inspired my artwork, and still does now. Most of her music really helps when overcoming a creative block, but this song especially🙌
  2. Thank you, I will😄🙏
  3. Thank you😄 I really want to do a few more Love For Sale pieces, I have a few ideas for them❤
  4. Brooklyn Nights, I Wanna Be With You and Cake Like Lady Gaga 🙌
  5. Thank you so much!😄
  6. Hey everyone! Wanted to share a few of my pieces of artwork. I'm a digital artist and illustrator, my main inspiration is pop culture. Here's a few of my Lady Gaga inspired pieces. Hope you like them. LOVE FOR SALE 🤍🎺🎼🥰 My most recent piece! CHROMATICA - ITS A SINE😄💗⚔ One I created after the release of Chromatica for the Lady Gaga x Adobe contest. Chromatica - Paradise is in my Hands🤍🌹 So much inspiration for pieces from the 911 music video! 💙 Born This Way 🖤❤ I'm in the middle of doing a series of album pieces in the style of the this and the Chromatica piece, I think I'm planning on doing ARTPOP next🔵❤ Rain On Me⛈ A quick piece I did not long after the music video release! Any support on Instagram and Twitter is much appreciated❤ Most of work is also available as prints on my Etsy! Other links! Thank you!
  7. This is wonderful, really nice🥰
  8. I had no idea what to expect but this looks great!🙌
  9. Looking forward to trailer! Very exciting🙌
  10. 488h and 49 minutes XD Top 3 songs are: 911 You and I Enigma
  11. R - Rain on Me Y - You and I A - Applause N- Nature Boy
  12. This looks amazing!😄
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