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  1. the artwork is so beautifully done. thanks a lot for sharing <3
  2. we love a vintagey lady. the lips look real sexy!!!!
  3. Born This Way helped me find my true self. I'm gay and Gaga made me feel proud of that. I was lost a lot when I was a young boy. I can't understand why I like other guys. I used to consider it a sin and used to think about negative things. Luckily I have Gaga and her music as my companions. There are no words to express my love and gratitude for Lady Gaga.
  4. can I download this and use as my screenlock wallpaper?
  5. Hope you guys can update the forum future soon. Nice app. Works well on Android 10 - Samsung.
  6. let me prepare myself again for some jazzga next month #loveforsale
  7. imagine a video for Chromatica like this, with all of those 3D renders. this video has the vibe of her Paper magazine shoot
  8. Does anyone know Code Lyoko? I was obsessed with the series. It is so futuristic, just like Chromatica.
  9. my brother used to watch this as a kid. some episodes makes me and him cry. now I rewatch it and realise that the noise of Pingu is annoying as hell.
  10. thank you for the spoiler alert. the idea of this episode is good, but the execution.... CHOICESSS
  11. how about "dream pop" like lana del rey? I love her spoken word performance from 'Sex Dreams'. she really should try this genre
  12. I don't like 1000 Doves that much but the song deserves a music video with Gaga being a goddess staying on white heaven CGI (like the You Right MV of Doja Cat), and when it hits the chorus, Gaga's chest will burst in to doves flying. That should be really cool
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