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  1. Thanks. I really hope for a better day. Where are you from?
  2. Unfortunately, Brazil. I don't know how the news is getting around the world, but our president is a pest and destroys any hope for a better future. There were so many refused vaccines, countless jokes about the disease, several disrespectful phrases about the people who died, and now we know that the government tried to take a bribe with the purchase of the vaccine.
  3. Thanks Gaga! I hope it doesn't fall again 💕
  4. Cool, I'll download it. I hope it's not too heavy.
  5. Every day a new image of that day appears 😂
  6. She is so beautiful, my heart exploded with love 🥰
  7. In my country it is difficult to take the first dose... imagine the third 😞
  8. I think this is one of my problems. I can't post photos without filters 🤧
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