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  1. This is the best look of them all! I'm obsessed!!
  2. actually not a terrible song.
  3. Alice, Rain on Me, Replay, Enigma, Sour Candy!!!!
  4. I'm obsessed with this cover art omg
  5. Here's my submission! Chromatica has been so artistically inspiring for me but this has to be one of my favorite pieces I've ever done!! Hope you all like it !
  6. Omg this is so hard TF - Summerboy TFM - DITD BTW - MTN ARTPOP - Gypsy C2C - Lush Life Joanne - Perfect Illusion ASIB - ARUTW Chromatica - Replay
  7. AHHH this is so exciting!! He’s such a wonderful artist!
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