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  1. he's an icon. I love everything he does with Gaga. They're so creative together
  2. any chances they could invite Tara??????? I mean, she's responsible for so many icon looks
  3. THE COUNTESS FOR SURE. I'd let her step on me
  4. ummm... idk, but i don't believe it's gaga. It's not exactly her thing doing collabs but I WISH Gaga x Adele would be a serve
  5. okay so can we all talk about how much mtv loves her? first the tricon award, and then this. *chefs kiss* you're doing amazing sweetieees
  6. brazilian little monsters entered the chat
  7. I'm so glad I'm living the same age as her. I mean, she's so loving and kind ugh i love her sm
  8. I'm in love with brunette gaga. she looks so superior
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