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  1. Any intel on when we might see this? What’s goin onnnnn
  2. So happy we’re getting back to normal, BUT.. I work in retail and have had to wear a mask for like 8hrs straight for the last two years now?? So now i’m used to it and the thought of showing my face in public is weirdly freaking me out lol
  3. Totally fine by me, I’m excited for the era reboot
  4. I’m still hanging on the edge of my seat for this….. just seeing her out in public again and now a performance!? Yes m’aam.
  5. I love this opportunity for us good luck petite monstres
  6. First of all, we love a fan art contest or any opportunity to show what we can do, so thanks!! I made this chromatica poster design from scratch during lockdown. It wasn’t used for anything so I hope its okay to submit it here! Hope you like it and good luck to everyone! 💖⚔️ xo #babylon #ladygaga #chromatica #fanart
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