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  1. Hi guys! Im kinda busy but I made sure that I have something for Gaga's 35th birthday. So I made a fan art for her 🥰 Hope you guys like it! ❤❤❤
  2. @HugoInsfrán Nice to meet you too 😊
  3. Little Monsters check! It's a given fact that Lady Gaga is a Global Superstar, from what country you are stanning her and what's her current status there (like how do they receive Gaga's works) ? Im from the Philippines and we love her (as fas as i know). Although some conservatives had trouble dealing with her way way back BTW era, majority of us are now enjoying her music especially from the ASIB soundtrack and of course her recent singles. My mom loves her so much that it's a habit of her to play Chromatica every morning 😁
  4. Gaga X Nicki Minaj They execute queen behavior🔥
  5. I signed up for this giveaway but I think I will be staying for all the Gaga contents 🥰
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