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  1. I love that she's putting out an album but why do I feel like it could be a really messy summer? , the remains of the chromatica era, gucci film, love for sale
  2. that and i feel like songs could be in the process of being sold to others people as well
  3. Which Chromatica songs would you like to see at the Vegas residency? Personally I'd love to see Alice, Replay and 911. I think Stupid Love will definitely make an appearance too.
  4. It seems to me like we still don't know half of the drama that happened behind the scenes in this era. Still happy he's revisiting it in a good way now
  5. I'm sick to my stomach from actually hearing her talk about this. The way all her fans were set aside as conspiracists meanwhile the truth was even worse than we could've ever thought. I really hope this time a change will happen.
  6. D - ancing in Circles A - lways Remember Us This Way N - othing On But The Radio I - 'll Never Love Again E - nigma L - ovegame
  7. I agree to a certain extent, yet people must know being an artist you have to be able to make enough money to support tours, staff, dancers, the band etc. Of course artists care about fans and would probably die for them, but at the end of the day bills need to be paid. Merchandise is expensive yes but I always thought it's because you're making customized apparel but in limited amounts.
  8. The fall of Babyllon, people all over judging Gaga roaming through the city and Gaga being unbothered by it. The city would literally fall apart because of all the 'gossip' meanwhile Gaga runs and dances through it like nothing's wrong.
  9. excited but also kinda sad this leaked so far before the actual release
  10. Replay for sure! People might hate me for this but I didn't like 911 on the first listen. I love it now of course and the video made me love it 1000 times more but idk it didn't connect with me on the first listen.
  11. I'd love that omg. I agree there's some folk elements on Joanne but I meant more into the direction of folklore/mumford & sons!
  12. Online school has been the worst for my mental health, It has introduced me to anxiety and panic attacks. On top of that I'm in my graduation project which I've gotten to a point where I lost all motivation. I've luckily turned it around and I only have an in-person presentation left but my mental health has been affected very much.
  13. Also tell me some you DON'T want to see her experimenting with. For me I'd like to see her experiment with Soul, Folk and PC Music (RIP the sessions with Sophie ) I wouldn't like seeing her experiment with Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Ska. (Just a personal opinion don't come for me pls)
  14. Hey Girl too omg, it really depends on the mood. I could chill to Cheek to Cheek or songs from the ASIB track like Look What I Found, or the calm songs on Joanne. And Swine of course
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