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  1. This could be postponed. What do you think?
  2. I hope I could be chosen. Record stores in my country didn't participate because the pandemic took a toll on their business.
  3. Nicola is truly a visionary. The attention to details.
  4. Anyone here who's got an extra copy of Entertainment Weekly featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born) on the cover? I think the House of Gucci will also be promoted with an EW magazine cover. Planning to collect these EW covers with the actress Lady Gaga on it.
  5. Unfortunately, the deadline for the Venice Film Festival and TIFF will not be met by the House of Gucci as it's still on post-production. Entertainment reports have already confirmed this. Check out this thread:
  6. I am from the Philippines and unfortunately, I was not able to get a copy of this limited edition. I was planning to get it from the only two stores affiliated with Record Store Day in my country but they didn't join the celebration. The pandemic took a serious toll on their business. One store even had to cut workforce so I understood they were not able to order records from RSD. We are still on quarantine because the number of COVID-19 cases increases day by day and quarantine protocols are still in place. :( Anyway, the RSD edition looks beautiful. Congrats to the lucky ones!
  7. I am hoping the Born This Way Tenth Anniversary CD would also be released in vinyl format. That would be dope.
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