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  1. Judas: Reimagined | Freedia x Gaga By @Kenygraphic and @Doublevision.png on Instagram! You can also follow us on twitter @doublevisionpng @kenygraphic
  2. sounds good, thank you!! should I upload to that topic instead going foreword? :) thank you Tony!! I always appreciate your comments!
  3. Marry The Night | Kylie x Gaga By @Fosterlands and @Doublevision.png on Instagram! You can also follow me on twitter @doublevisionpng
  4. thank you so so much!! thank youuuu! thank you!!
  5. Born This Way: The 10th Anniversary Check out the animated version on instagram and twitter! IG: @doublevision.png Twitter: @doublevisionpng
  6. omg i know! Someone pointed it out on IG too saying they read it as titties thank you so so much!!
  7. Thank you so so much! I really appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much!
  8. ARTPOP VOL. II Presented by Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow Concept artwork by me I'd love your support! IG: @doublevision.png Twitter: @doublevisionpng
  9. Club Chromatica: THIS IS OUR DANCEFLOOR new remixes featuring Charli XCX, Madonna, Bad Bunny, Rina Sawayama, Miley Cyrus, Bree Runway & Ava Max Concept Album by me Club Chromatica Spotify Playlist: I'd love your support! IG: @doublevision.png Twitter: @doublevisionpng
  10. thank you so much! and UGH that would be a DREAM! Thank you!! I'm honestly shook at how it came out!
  11. i made this sour candy cover for Sour Candy. It'd mean the world to me if yall gave it a like on instagram! @doublevision.png
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