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  1. GaGa + Calvin Harris - What You Came For (Instrumental). The part where she sings, "Did you hear what I said?" tho.
  2. Lady GaGa + RuPual. Meant for runway, runway, run, run, run, runway! RuPual - Call Me Mother (Instrumental).
  3. It seems the two were meant to be mashed. Made with Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma - Spectrum (Instrumental).
  4. GaGa + K-Pop = Bliss. Made with BTS - Dynamite (Instrumental). GaGa + Kylie Minogue. Is everything. Get Outta My Way (Instrumental).
  5. Made with Love: Paul Woolford, Diplo, & Kareen Lomax - Looking For Me (Instrumental).
  6. My apologies to anyone who thought my multiple posts were spam. I am new to this site and wanted to share my hard work and creativity with other like minded fans. I spent the last 6 months obsessed with Lady Gaga's work of art Chromatica and it motivated me to make these mixes. I did not think I was doing anything wrong but I respect your warning. Take care--SP
  7. I made this mash with Rania's Pop Pop Pop (Instrumental), another classic K-Pop hit. Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Anniversary to Chromatica. Caring is Sharing.
  8. GaGa & Britney 😍 🤩 !!! I made this with--Britney Spears - Stronger (Instrumental), one of my fav Britney tracks. In that classic video, she wasn't having "Fun Tonight" with that dude and had to dump him, lol! It still puzzles me to sing "I'm not having fun tonight," but having the time of my life.
  9. I made this with one of the best K-Pop songs of all time--2NE1's Lonely. I know that Gaga plays guitar and this works well with my vanilla latte fantasy. Check out the original song by 2NE1 to appreciate how these songs blend perfectly.
  10. I'm so glad somebody appreciates my obsession! 💖
  11. Sad lyrics on a dance beat are what I love about Chromatica, especially Replay. But what if I still want to be sad a bit more? I made this mash with Stronger Than Ever (Instrumental) by Raleigh Ritchie. Please check out this amazing artist if you don't know his work! We'll dance in my next mix of this song. Thank you to all and I welcome any feedback from this great community! -- SoPhamiliar
  12. GaGa + Classic K-Pop = Bliss! I made this with: Secret - Madonna (Instrumental). I love the jazzy feel of the horns and drums, makes me want to dance and sip a cocktail. Enjoy! -- SoPhamiliar
  13. I like BLACKPINK a lot, but I'm more old school KPop. The vocals are ripe for a remix. Check out my mash remix: Lady GaGa with BLACKPINK - (We Got Love For) Sour Candy [SoPhamiliar Mash Pt 1]
  14. Hi Everyone, So happy to find some like-minded friends here! I've done mashup remixes of all Chromatica Songs. Enjoy Vol 1 and please let me know what you think! Vol 2 almost complete and Vol 3 on the way. Check out this preview of all my Chromatica SoPhamiliar Mash Vol 1 mixes: Thanks LGN family! Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Anniversary Chormatica! SoPhamiliar My Youtube channel for more GaGa mixes-- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvnG_I1Ye2_C5Own4tuoBgA
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