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  1. https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id917932200?pt=39040802&ct=Media1GIFV2&mt=8
  2. Both are dark albums first of all, but at the same time tfm have a "sad" vibe, shows gaga's fears, shame and stuffs like "Dance in the dark"; the album cover may represent gaga shutting her mouth, cuz she's afraid to say something, covered with a latex outfit, like she's "dead" because she can't breath with that thing on her mouth, and she's stuck like a statue, it's the same thing when we are ashamed of something and we stay stucked on a place full of ppl. Btw is the complete opposite, cuz shows gaga's freaky way and she's cool with that, she celebrate it, even the "sad" songs like eog have a fun vibe; the album cover shows gaga with that mouth wide open, like she finally speaks her mind and like a motorcycle, like she finally is running for her purpose on life. I just LOVE this opposite that gaga brings to us
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