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  1. Thank goodness! 🙏I’m so so so happy they’ve been found safe! I’ve been praying so much and this is truly a wonderful blessing. Hope this brings comfort to Ryan and Gaga knowing this. Those 72 hours were awful and hopefully nothing like that ever happens again. I also hope we can stay updated on Ryan’s healing. I’ll keep praying for his smooth and quick recovery. I’m also praying Gaga’s okay and her health hasn’t been badly affected by this. So great the babies were found.
  2. I’m so glad Ryan’s awake and talking to loved ones. Hopefully Gaga can talk to him. I think it would help her to hear his voice. I can’t rest until those dogs are found. I’m so thankful Danny Trejo is helping too and now the FBI. Hopefully Gaga can feel a little more hopeful today knowing so many people are out looking and investigating. I’m really worried about the effect this could have on her. Hopefully she’s with other people who can help her through this.
  3. I feel so sad. I’m sure she’s had a horrible day. I hope we can get updates on Ryan. Really hope he’s recovering. Also, I really hope hope they can find those dogs. I know Koji and Gus are her babies and mean a lot to her and to her family. Ryan means a lot to Gaga too. This is just so devastating to me. 💔
  4. I’m so glad Ryan’s expected to recover. I hope they keep us updated on his recovery. Also I hope the other 3 are found. I have faith they will be as the LAPD are on it. If I lived there, I’d form a search party.
  5. God bless Gaga. I’m so sad this happened. I’m praying for Ryan and really hope he makes a full recovery. Please let Koji and Gustav be found alive and unharmed. How can humans be so cruel? this is heartbreaking. I’m sure Gaga’s so upset. She can never catch a break in life especially when something exciting happens. Who would shoot someone walking dogs? That’s so so horrific.
  6. Happy Birthday Matt! Thank you for everything you do for this community. ❤️
  7. Me too! I hope Gaga’s doing okay and her family too. I worry about her as I know this pandemic time is very rough for mental health. I’m glad she’s been taking time for herself. That’s definitely important.
  8. The one clue that’s leading me to believe it’s real is the purple background. The purple background matches Gaga’s purple hair..... purple is also the color for Alzheimer’s Awareness. I wonder if they’ll donate some of the proceeds from the album to help fund Alzheimer’s research? 🤔 It definitely seems like something Gaga and Tony with their beautiful hearts would do. 💜
  9. This is so sad. I will keep her family in my prayers. I had a feeling in my gut that something was wrong. Her being silent was proof of that. I really hope and pray her family member was able to recover. I hope Gaga’s okay too. God bless her and her family. Sending them all love. 💔
  10. I’m so sad about this. I love Tony so much. He’s truly a beautiful soul who brings joy to everyone who listens to his music or sees him perform. I will always be grateful to him for the love and kindness he’s given to Gaga. I’m so sad he’s battling this disease. Alzheimer’s is so sad. My prayers are with Tony and his family.
  11. Losing Sophie is heartbreaking. I feel so sad for Mike/Bloodpop. His message to her was beautiful. I’m sorry to everyone here who was a fan. My love is with everyone who’s grieving Sophie’s loss. She will always be loved by us all.
  12. She did such a beautiful singing of the Star Spangled Banner. I could feel her love and passion for the people the entire time she was singing. I’m so deeply proud of her. We’re so lucky to look up to a woman who has so much love for the world and for people. I will forever cherish this performance. ❤️
  13. She’s the best! The most loving person I’ve ever known. She’s so right with everything she said. Every white American needs to watch this.
  14. Me as well. I really hope she’s safe. I’m not too thrilled with her and JLO traveling to Washington with all this chaos. I have faith they will be safe. ❤️
  15. Sending you love Adeline. We’re right here with you. This year hasn’t started off well. Hopefully brighter days and better times are coming. We have to take it one day at a time which isn’t easy I’ll admit. You’re definitely not alone and very brave to open up about your feelings. I know better days will come. ❤️
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