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  1. I’m glad the people who took part in this awful crime are being held accountable. Hopefully this will bring some closure for both Ryan and Gaga. I’m so thankful both Ryan and the dogs came out of that situation alive. I pray every day for Ryan’s physical and mental healing as I know this will forever change him. I hope Gaga gets to be reunited with her babies and Ryan soon. I know that when that day does come, it will be very emotional and special for her.
  2. The new lip product looks awesome!
  3. I’m so glad the Floyd Family got the justice they deserve. It’s still upsets me so much knowing George Floyd’s life was so horrifically taken from him. This verdict is a step in the right direction but there’s still so much work that needs to be done. We have to end this rotten system of policing in America.
  4. What he went through is so scary. I didn’t know he had to have part of his lung removed with a second surgery. I’m so grateful he’s out of the hospital now. He’s a true hero. I pray every day for him to make a full recovery. I know he has a long healing journey ahead but I won’t stop thinking of him and praying. I hope he feels all the love and knows we’re all with him through this. 🙏❤️
  5. I’m so sorry this is happening in Italy especially to all of you living there. I too am so tired of COVID. I really hope they can do a better job in Europe with the vaccines. I know for Italians it’s been a slow process but I hope they start speeding it up for you all. I live in the US. Illinois is my state and thankfully we are a strict state when it comes to masks. I’m sure you’ve all heard there are other states not being careful at all and even wanting to get rid of mask mandates which is nuts. If that happens the US will be right back to where we were at the end of 2020. I know this whole
  6. I just saw the news about the upcoming lockdown in Italy. I was praying so much Covid wouldn’t cause problems again. Do you think they’ll halt production on the movie for now? I’m so scared about the cast and crew’s safety and really praying they stay healthy during this. To any of you living in Italy, I really do hope and pray things get better quickly for you all.
  7. Yay! I’m so glad you got it back!
  8. That t-shirt is incredible! I love it! 😍
  9. I’m very thankful for Chromatica and this journey. The music and videos are amazing. What I love most about every musical era with Gaga is how every song has an important message about understanding ourselves and the world. She definitely did that this time too!
  10. Tony’s the best! He’s always so supportive of everything Gaga does. I’m so thankful Gaga and Tony have this special friendship. ❤️
  11. This is great! I think there are so many of you who would be great Youth Advisors! The Born This Way Foundation is truly a blessing!
  12. I know Gaga will be amazing in this role! She’ll blow everyone away with her performance I already know it! I know Adam, Al, Jared, Jeremy, and Camille will be amazing too! My biggest concern is COVID. I just hope and pray they can keep the cast and crew and Gaga’s team Covid free the entire time they’re filming. It’s making me nervous because cases are still pretty high in Italy and I pray this won’t be an issue for them filming. Really hope everyone is being very safe on and off set. COVID can’t ruin this for them/us. I pray with all my heart and soul it doesn’t. Stay safe everyone.
  13. God bless him! It was very emotional reading his statement. I don’t think I’ve ever known another person who loves dogs as much as he does. The way he fought to protect them. He’s a true hero and always will be. I’m continuing to pray for his recovery as I know it’ll be a long road for him to get past this. Hopefully he can come home from the hospital soon. I’m so so beyond thankful Ryan, Asia,Koji, and Gustav all came out of this alive. I will always continue to thank God for that. I’m hoping Gaga is feeling better too. I know this scared her so much. I know if anything, she’s probably feelin
  14. Thank goodness! 🙏I’m so so so happy they’ve been found safe! I’ve been praying so much and this is truly a wonderful blessing. Hope this brings comfort to Ryan and Gaga knowing this. Those 72 hours were awful and hopefully nothing like that ever happens again. I also hope we can stay updated on Ryan’s healing. I’ll keep praying for his smooth and quick recovery. I’m also praying Gaga’s okay and her health hasn’t been badly affected by this. So great the babies were found.
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