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  1. Yes! I got the email confirmation by Stade de France (I purchased my tickets directly from them). Tickets are valid for the postponed date as well. See you all there in 2022 :)
  2. They didn't say any dates, just that they are looking for new dates in 2022. This is related to France only, but I could expect this happening at least in EU. I've contacted Stade De France first and I've been re-directed to LiveNation. They are the ones responsible for any communication related to the tour as they are the organisers. So Lady Gaga's team has very little power as they are dealing with the entire organisation of the event. It's disappointing that they are waiting the very last minute to communicate such important information, but we all have to be a bit more patient. I do expect something by end of this week, early next week. Finger crossed!
  3. Hi, I'm new here but like all of you I've been searching on daily basis information about the Chromatica ball tour - whether is going to happen or not. I sent an email to live nation France and after 2 weeks of follow-ups they finally answered me, saying that the concert won't happend in 2021 and they are looking for new dates in 2022... There is still no official communication but this is coming directly from them...
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