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  1. Ain’t this the truth. My husband & I have felt it. I see it in my work place, we’ve been understaffed since the pandemic, it’s make it longer harder shifts for everyone else working.
  2. I don’t think it was filmed. I think COVID may of ruined plans to film during quarantine. Mother Monster is the only one who will know.
  3. I think Gaga would make a much better Ursula then Melissa McCarthy. Love Melissa, think she would be fun & quirky, but I think Gaga could make a far more intriguing Ursula, she would be all those things & more, & those vocals!!!! My God, the gays would have a day. Would be the best decision for Disney!
  4. Made me so happy to see Kylie in reimagined, smiled so big, love her disco version. I really have liked not knowing who the artists will be & being surprised. Gaga’s good at surprises. Can’t wait for the release!!!
  5. I would. I would love to see that. I think with the success of swifts re recordings I think we may see other artists try to follow suite. When you release new songs or new arrangements/versions, it does add appeal & add to the discography. I love her acappella bad romance. I know that’s the fame monster. But I completely agree with a re-record of the fame, maybe with some updated remixes, & re arrangements.
  6. Familiar with some of his early Gaga remixes such as paparazzi. You think he’ll make the remix album? Would love this released on platforms like Apple & Spotify.
  7. 1- Chromatica (am so in love with now. It‘a the anthem we so desperately needed during a pandemic were various aspects of our mental health would be tested. This is the mental health anthem! I love the idea of Chromatica, it is a real place Gaga has created & she’s invited us all for the ride. I wish I could go see her live this summer, her show will be spectacular!!!) 2- JoAnn (loved seeing her vocals used this way with a country rock vibe without the extra EDM, she still had her tongue in cheek humor screaming at John Wayne to go faster, which I love too. An artist who takes their w
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