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  1. I cover this topic as mental health, since psychologically speaking, we have the power to decide to some extent how an artist influences our life. From a simple song, to taking a kind of "obsession" with the artist, I would like to know how Gaga influences your life in a positive way. In my case, I was going through a very hard time when I discovered her music, I felt sheltered, protected and loved by her since just dance, my love and admiration grew when in Born This Way she released "Marry the night" where I understood the message that he wanted to give me... That even if they had outraged us, we should move on, not cry and that we are capable of creating our own environment and empire. Tell me your experience with Gaga, I would glad to read about it!
  2. OMG HAHAHAHAHA, that was the best experience ever! We're screamed when we saw our country flag on stage.
  3. I want to make special mention of this great event, Twice made his appearance again on American TV, this time on the program "The Ellen show" which is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Thus becoming the first female Kpop group to appear and promote their new song "Alcohol free". It should be noted that this time it was a presentation with 9 members. Ending the More & More era and beginning the Eyes Wide Open era, Yoo Jeongyeon was diagnosed with clinical anxiety and had to undergo emergency surgery for a neck injury, resulting from dancing and overexertion. She recorded "I can't stop me" but it wasn't for the promo. Today at last, she returns from her hiatus, after almost a year in rest and we all welcome her with open arms. Twice is being recognized worldwide thanks to millions of Onces. We hope they continue to grow as artists and people, they deserve it.
  4. WE BELIEVE IN TWICE SUPREMACY. Stream, share and love this song, please.
  5. We have OT9 again... Twice upload a video where they receive their diamond button for their channel on YouTube. A bitch is crying, and that bitch is me.
  6. I can show you all about Twice and other groups if you want to. You should listen "I can't stop me"
  7. Indonesian and Brazil team. When Dami says "viento soprrraaaa" OMG... Ded
  8. You know about our government... This is a ghost new bc I don't think it would be capable to get all the vaccine.
  9. Today was a beautiful day... Twice again performed in an American show. Despite the absence of one of their members, they managed to put on a world-class performance. He comments on what he thought of his performance.
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