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  1. We have OT9 again... Twice upload a video where they receive their diamond button for their channel on YouTube. A bitch is crying, and that bitch is me.
  2. I can show you all about Twice and other groups if you want to. You should listen "I can't stop me"
  3. Indonesian and Brazil team. When Dami says "viento soprrraaaa" OMG... Ded
  4. You know about our government... This is a ghost new bc I don't think it would be capable to get all the vaccine.
  5. Today was a beautiful day... Twice again performed in an American show. Despite the absence of one of their members, they managed to put on a world-class performance. He comments on what he thought of his performance.
  6. I-... FREAKING FINALLY! BH finally it's working in their solos. Not just the rap line... Also the vocs and that's awesome! I'm happy for my baby boy. I need to say... THE BOYZ, VISUAL KINGS.
  7. I have a gr8 taste with Korean GGs
  8. Today we're gonna have an event and guess what... WE'RE HAVE OT9
  9. Dreamcatcher, Twice, Loona, ITZY, Mamamoo and GWSN My wifey yaaaaas Love killa and Joohoney are THE bop UwU
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