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  1. OMG i have a texaco near me i need to check it out!!!!!!!!!
  2. I know right, Gaga is very caring so something must be up </3 Let's just hope for the best!
  3. He kinda sounds like the guy in Government Hooker a bit
  4. Any hope for them in the UK? I really want to find and try some (even though they're just regular oreos)
  5. When I'm old enough, I'm getting an ARTPOP tattoo and maybe a Chromatica sine!
  6. Oh my gosh, I just KNOW Chromatica Ball is gonna be her best tour yet
  7. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens
  8. As much as LMs love to hate on C2C, I REALLY love her jazz but I'd be fine with anything I'm just dying to know what everything is!!!!! @Matt GIVE US A HINT
  9. I mean, she will be busy this year (that feels so weird to say), she has the 2 movies she's going to be in (GUCCI and Bullet Train). LGN confirmed new music and we still have the mysterious Gaga X Nick Knight project AND The Chromatica Ball 2021. I hope she makes up for 2020 this year
  10. So, if we're little monsters and Gaga is Mother Monster... What would her kid be..? Mini Monster?
  11. I'm hoping for the best and hoping that she's just working on stuff atm...
  12. So, my mom sent me this, she's scanned one of the old drawings I did as a kid and THIS was one of them! I'm officially using this as my stan card, it's SO cute!
  13. I don't remember the moment because I was literally 4 but I remember when I was little I used to keep up with Gaga's releases and my favourite song was Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  14. Sofi Tukker is one of the best remixes this era along with the Stupid Love Ellis Remix THAT GAGA NEEDS TO OFFICIALLY RELEASE RIGHT NOW
  15. Matt bestie finally also unblocked me and FOLLOWED ME WE WON
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