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  1. i'm pretty sure in the monster ball or around tfm era
  2. spill tbh i wish she could make it up to us this year
  3. i think she should just do a ton of performances in a week and then slowly release them thats how you keep your fans entertained
  4. I feel like Gaga should do what BTS did. BTS held a concert online but did multiple days and slightly different set lists!
  5. Sechito


    j-pop thread! who knows hatsune miku? she opened for gaga in artrave!
  6. She was so big over here in the UK. Stupid Love was a hit, Rain On Me was a hit, Sour Candy, even, was a moderate hit, it peaked at #17 and spent 5 weeks on the charts. If the UK Charts didn't have a rule that only 3 songs from one album can chart at a time, the ENTIRE of Chromatica would've charted She was HUGE.
  7. But if we're being serious, I am going to SO many concerts once this is over, ugh, I can't wait
  8. Anyone else really like k-pop here?
  9. Does anyone know where to get a Born This Way vinyl? They seem to be very rare and whenever I find one, it's always super expensive. :(
  10. I'd love 10 years of Born This Way merch or a new photoshoot! It would be cool!
  11. Same, after seeing the products for real, I was a bit confused for the mixed reviews because the quality is actually really good, bias aside.
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