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  1. Don't worry, when corona is over, she's gonna give us the best experience ever, I just know it i think she should just move onto focusing on promoting her upcoming movies tbh :/
  2. just to make you feel better: OMG it's not too soon! I'm going to London and I have my outfit ready! You should get yours ready to!!!!!
  3. I know this is probably a lot to ask for, but games would be fun! Not like, giveaways and stuff but like, mini games on the website. Idk how to explain but it would be fun if there like minigames based around Gaga or something
  4. What is everyone's thoughts on the Chromatica era, this includes the rollout, album, visuals and photoshoots? It's personally one of my favourite eras but the rollout...not so much. What about everyone else?
  5. any chance for coachella 2017?
  6. Our fanbase name is over 10 years old now...omg...
  7. Probably this whole year seeing the state of the world
  8. I'd LOVE if she sold lightsticks that looked like the Disco Stick!
  9. It's a pain because I'm gay ... and so is my sister Yeah, no grandkids from either of us
  10. cool! might give a watch sometime!
  11. I always wonder what it's like being an only child. It seems tough, like, I couldn't imagine living without someone to keep you company at your age, its weird. I hope u feel better soon! <3
  12. Always liked her as a little kid, kept up with her works, I didn't fully stan until A Star Is Born!
  13. 5, its weird, im not happy but im not sad just very neutral ... its boring
  14. sometimes i dont feel like a man, sometimes i want to be really feminine, but they'll be other days where i dont. its weird.
  15. this would've been such a serve...especially at coachella... </3
  16. could someone explain to me what drag race is? i've never watched it before haha
  17. i dont speak spanish i really recommend the book! got it for christmas and read it before bed every night, it kinda restored my faith in humanity lol
  18. I didn't even know that's where this meme came from lol
  19. I have a couple friends, as well as myself sometimes, who go through severe periods of depression, anxiety and other mental disturbances mainly in one part of the year. I was wondering if anyone on LGN has experienced this too, as I don't want to feel alone on this matter. If you do have, when is it and how severe is it?
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