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  1. but they're printed on like, laminated sort of paper but i get what u mean since they're easy to make urself,
  2. i know!! i really want some
  3. im actually in online class rn...im really bored...on call to my friends while my camera and mic is muted haha
  4. we learned from the best aka ms lady 'talks-about-kindness-everyday-so-we-cant-forget-it' gaga
  5. joanne visuals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> joanne album
  6. tbh same, got7 had a lot of popularity and as of late, it seemed to die down. im so sad about this bc i love their music </3
  7. online classes are different from last lockdown...im stuck at home AND have to do work... TORTURE
  9. i will! i tend to get more comfortable in lockdown because im a big introvert, social events = tiring!!!!!!!!
  10. this is artpop on crack i love itAAAAAAAA
  11. WHAT?$%"£$%£$%"£$%%$£" IS HE LEAVING GOT7???????????????????????????????
  12. so nice to see the diversity of little monsters!!!!!!!
  13. It makes me angry too that BLM protestors were met with tear gas and bullets and literal terrorists are met with taking selfies with police!
  14. seems everyone wants rock...MATT TELL GAGA THAT WE WANT ROCK FOR LG7
  15. Oomf from Twitter made these as an example, I think these would be really good as merch or at least something similar
  16. Personally, I REALLY want a rock album like Miley Cyrus. With originally being rock pre-debut and doing many rock covers, I think she would NAIL the rock sound, concept and look! What about you?
  17. omfg, yes, its so annoying, they'll be a new outtake of her from the stupid love set or something and nicola will post it with "The Journey Continues..." like what journey? did i get on the wrong plane or something???????
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