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  1. What do you think is Lady Gaga's best album and why?
  2. gaga better see all this and do rock at some point WE ALL WANT IT
  3. her residencies are always serves imo
  4. i know...the whole era was just ruined because SOME people couldnt say in their house for like a couple weeks...
  5. i can tell she's really hurt and feels everyones pain from this </3
  6. i'm too lazy to focus...
  7. the remixes were...ok, besides burns because his were really good. the interviews were ok too, like we got some info we didnt know before like sexxx dreams being the og lead single of ARTPOP
  8. I know but it sucks knowing that it exists and they literally did nothing at all with it.
  9. ...What was that all about? It was massive in like May and stuff when she started teasing it, the website even got found, we literally know what it looks like. I don't get why nothing has been done with it, it's really like the ARTPOP app. What do you guys think? I think it was a HUGE missed opportunity.
  10. That could definitely be interesting. I have a feeling LG6 was meant to be hyper pop in 2017-2018 (Gaga working with SOPHIE, DJWS calling LG6 ARTPOP's little sister) but I feel like that's what BloodPop was on about in Gaga Radio about how it 'didn't sound like Gaga'
  11. Same. I think Gaga, her team and...I hate to say it, but us too, have moved on past Chromatica :/ But this time the silence is really loud. Before 911 was August, which had Gaga Radio, VMAs, etc. Now, it's just...silence. No posts, no tweets, just silence.
  12. so glad she talked about this
  13. Back when Chromatica was first being released, my sister was very excited and made these covers and videos. These covers are a bit old, being released in May 2020 so she's improved but I really wanted to share them here! Please check them out!
  14. After silence from Gaga and no new content in sight, it seems like the Chromatica era will be ending soon. Due to this, I am anticipating her next move. What do you think Gaga will do this year? Will she focus on promoting Chromatica or new movies or will she release new music all together?
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