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  1. i wish i could talk about her life, trauma, music and everything
  2. Personally, I would tell her about how much she's impacted my life and how much she's been a positive influence to me!
  3. I got a Wacom One tablet for Christmas, it's my second drawing tablet ever and my first one with a screen so I decided to test it out and it works perfectly. I made this sketch of Gaga to test it out! It looks quite rough because I made it in less than an hour but here it is! Also, Matt, when are you going to unblock me
  4. Thank you for this thread! Does anyone know where to get Gaga single CDs?
  5. 1) Born This Way 2) The Fame Monster 3) Chromatica 4) ARTPOP 5) Cheek To Cheek 6) The Fame 7) A Star Is Born Soundtrack 8) Joanne
  6. I watched a bit of AHS Hotel for Gaga and I liked it. I might watch more!
  7. its because i always annoy him on twitter because i have nothing better to do wbk
  8. thank you so much! i try make my drawings as colorful and true to the original as possible! HELP but thank u bestie
  9. Is AHS any good? Heard a lot of people saying it's good, wondering if I should check it out!
  10. I made this drawing back in September the day after the 911 music video dropped! I was so motivated and I'd like to share it here! Also, Matt, unblock me on Twitter please.
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