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  1. Lady Gaga BTS Doja Cat CL Rina Sawayama Dua Lipa TWICE
  2. I wish I got to experience this </3 Hope she does something like this or interacts with us more in general in 2021 </3
  3. As much as I wish she would win them, I think Gaga won't win any this year :( But the Grammys are snubbed so we don't care, sis has an Oscar and thats worth more than a Scammy
  4. The Fame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Telephone Born This Way - Marry The Night ARTPOP - G.U.Y Joanne - John Wayne Chromatica - 911 If you can't tell, I like lengthy/story-based MVs ;)
  5. I feel like if Sour Candy was promoted as a single, with a music video, Chromatica could survive on the charts and in people's minds!
  6. Another great drawing! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Love it! It looks so good! Keep going!
  8. I would like Chromatica music videos but at this point, it seems a bit hopeless. The last Chromatica single was in May and the last Chromatica music video was in September. I'd love one but I think a new project all together would be much better for her. And it seems like that's what they're doing with that teaser of new music LGN shared.
  9. Personally, mine is the Eli Russell Linnetz photoshoot for the original concept for Enigma!
  10. She looks so good here like...she's caught off guard and she STILL looks good, its crazy
  11. I'm going to be attending the London Chromatica Ball in 2021! It's my first Gaga concert after begging to my mom to go to Gaga concert for 10 YEARS!
  12. not from poland but im half polish! hey!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm gonna try list all the CDs and vinyls I have from Gaga: The Fame, The Fame (Blue Vinyl), The Cherrytree Sessions, The Fame Monster, The Fame Monster (Vinyl), The Remix, Born This Way, Born This Way (Deluxe), Born This Way: The Remix, ARTPOP, ARTPOP (Vinyl), Cheek To Cheek, Cheek To Cheek (Vinyl), Joanne, Joanne (Vinyl), A Star Is Born, A Star Is Born (Special Deluxe Edition), A Star Is Born (Vinyl), Chromatica (Hardcover Version), Chromatica (See-through Vinyl), Stupid Love (CD), Rain On Me (CD) Is my collection good?
  14. 2020 has been a long year, it's also been a year where I've been improving my art. Lady Gaga has helped greatly, her photoshoots being inspiration for me to draw, she's my muse in a way. I'd like to share with you, my artistic journey through drawings of Lady Gaga! I will post one drawing per month, (that is, if I drew her in that month!) January: February: March: May: July: August: September: October: November: December:
  15. ...I was 5 But I remember watching the Judas music video over and over and over again constantly.
  16. Lady Gaga Now Net and User @popa911 on Twitter (proven insider) have both tweeted this just! Who do you think is the '?' and what do you think is coming?! Personally, I think it's a new music video or new visuals for Chromatica! I'm very excited!
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