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  1. I'm kinda scared tbh, if she doesn't feel emotionally ok, she must be going through something bad since she didn't wish us Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Happy New Year
  2. We ALL know that certain fanpage
  3. Imagine if the interludes are extended versions of Chromatica I, II and III that lead into each act...A DREAM
  4. Downloading all rn! Gonna make an edit with them! THANK YOU!
  5. Don't have any...Not after the horrendous year that was 2020
  6. I forgot to add earlier but the Haus Labs photoshoot she did in 2020 is EVERYTHING, it's everything I've wanted from her in a photoshoot!
  7. i meant the whole website haha
  8. I'd LOVE JWT in audio format, it's literally the best thing to ever happen in Gaga's career, I need at least ONE live album of it
  9. A year ago today, Lady Gaga, after performing at her Las Vegas residency 'ENIGMA', was spotting kissing and walking with a 'mystery man', who was later identified as Michael Polansky. Cut to a year later, and the couple are still together, going strong!
  11. i need to be more active here! being a minor = wanting gaga merch 24/7 and not getting it
  12. Over the past month, Gaga and her team have been...confusing to say the least. They began to tease Sour Candy, Gaga began posting daily, like she did before 911. But now it's just silence and sometimes looks while she's out with Michael. Why do you think she's been quiet? Do you think she's working on something?
  13. Just listened...Isn't it literally just a sped up version of Stupid Love?
  14. Mine is Trigger! The darkness and the sinister vibes of that song are so unreal I wish she would do more like that in LG7
  15. Paper Magazine was one of the biggest highlights of this era for me tbh
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