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  1. It's a great idea talking to your sister. Tell her you need an advice and be honest about everything. She'll know how to help.
  2. The artpop one, is simple but is my style of tattoo.
  3. I love the episode and the song is so cute. Ain't that the same ep of that famous gif (the train wrecking the "mountain" hole)? 😳
  4. Just Dance MV on tv... my gay soul was changed forever.
  5. Applause by djws and Rain on Me by purple disco machine
  6. Her voice on enigma... It changes live, I know it does. And when some "insiders" said replay was "reloaded" reworked and we got THAT. It was a punch on our faces but in a good way.
  7. I love that artpop piano live... Ethereal as heeeeeeelll!!! a classic
  8. This acc is so funny. Just spent half an hour scrooling and laughing.
  9. Print every message and send to your email for future security. Please, be safe and tell an adult about it.
  10. this is so good 😳 I love the concept
  11. I wish there were beaches on chromatica...
  12. I dont think I'll ever see it here in my country but I know that it tastes like the golden one, aka the superior flavour.
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