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  1. Tulla Queen πŸ’… fun fact: she has beef with Gretchen (the other meme queen)
  2. I love it, my user is @ windsxwinter
  3. Brazil here😍✌
  4. Maybe they'll announce the c2c part two? :0
  5. The Edge of Glory Dance in the dark Applause You and I Rain on me Babylon
  6. What is your favorite lyrics from chromatica? I really love "Before there was love, there was silent. I heard one sine and it healed my heart."
  7. That day was something else... will never forget it.
  8. That's really sweet 😍 stupid love is so good, it deserves more respect. I can't wait to see some new interviews. which one? It took a minute to the gp realize that was Gaga... a cultural reset!
  9. that was gooooooold That night lives in my mind!!! That must be amaziiiiiing, I hope to feel this one day, can't wait to see her live.
  10. This fanbase is chaotic, but we can also have some fun. What is your favorite little monster moment? I'll go first: shallowbucks and ma ma pa pa perfect illusion were just iconic. I laught everytime I think about them.
  11. I love that fluffy pink dress from a star is born premiere
  12. Stache, nothing on (but the radio), brooklyn nights and wonderful
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